December 30, 2016


Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Agency: BBH
Director: Shaun Yeo
DOP: Joseph LeeRojak: A colloquial term meaning ‘mixture’. Used to describe the multi-ethnic character of Singaporean society and the name of the a traditional mixed fruit and vegetable dish.

This is a heart warming short film that we produced in 2012 together with BBH Ad Agency for the Singapore Tourism Board. STB wanted to sell Singapore by showcasing its a diverse food culture. And being Singaporeans we admit that our lives revolve around our love for food. How often have you been asked in the morning…”Have you eaten yet?”.

The approach was to have four individuals of the four primary races of Singapore introduce their culture and cook their ethnic dish that they feel should be Singapore’s National Dish. Take a look and let us know which dish you think should be awarded the honorary title.