February 10, 2017


Client: Corlison Pte Ltd
Director: Shaun Yeo
DOP: Lim Teck Siang
Production House: Reel Loco Productions Pte Ltd

Pearlie White Mouth Rinses from Reel Loco on Vimeo.

It’s not everyday you get a client who wants to do something different, something that is not the run of the mill. So when personal care products distributor Corlison wanted to produce a series of witty commercials with tongue firmly in cheek, we lapped it up instantly.
The objective of the ads for Pearlie White is to draw the audience in slowly. So we have local hunk Paul Foster deliver a monologue, talking about the harmful effects of certain chemicals and as he is doing so, goes through various actions while maintaining constant eye contact with the camera in a nonchalant manner, only to reveal the product at the end.
Everyone had fun working on the ads, from coming up with wacky ideas during scripting, to the actual shooting which Paul pulled off with panache.