February 10, 2017


Client: Resorts World Singapore
Director: Shaun Yeo
Production: Reel Loco Productions Pte Ltd

As scripted, boarded, and shot, the idea was bifurcated into two spots, both offering a similar shock of demonic transformation prefaced by aspirational politicking. The first spot was an online and in-part only teaser while the second was a 30sec main TVC for full release that detailed a more thorough demonic transformation. The teaser opens with a family at home watching our anti-hero Jonah Goodwill give a campaign speech, then we follow him as he leaves the TV studio and eery and unsettling things happen!

The main spot begins with Jonah on the way to a victory reception, complete with red carpet and crowds of cheering fans. Only once he’s inside, all hell breaks loose! When it came time to do a director’s cut, we felt that combining the two separate stories into one unified spot would tell a stronger story. That was the outline for our approach to the cut along with the desire to add in some other shots and effects to exaggerate the uneven cadence of the edit and give it an edgier and more frightening feel, plus we included an explosion.

This project had many tricky technicalities that was a treat for us to work on as a team. It was a significant milestone to conquer and learn from pre-shoot to post. Universal Studios Singapore’s (USS) brief was the graphical introduction of a singular “Minister of Evil”. Reel Loco had to come up with the story of how the character would introduced into Halloween Horror Nights 2014.

Shot on a blue screen with multiplied characters, the production team had to plan construction of the boarded stairs and how they would fore-fit into animation effects. Multiple tests had to be simulated to achieve the right make up plus graphical combination. The spread wings, cityscape and cracked follow-frame floor with flames were all built in post production. We were privileged to be able to work with the gifted costume and make-up team from USS that made the animation process so much more enjoyable.